“Never doubt that a small group of
thoughtful, committed citizens can
change the world. Indeed, it is the
only thing that ever has.”
—Margaret Mead, Cultural Anthropologist

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Believing in a better tomorrow.

Happy Transformer

Tiffany Howard, Communications

Tiffany is a versatile leader, dynamic thinker, and award-winning destination marketer specializing in analyzing client issues and customizing solutions. She has nearly 30 years of experience within the Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Industry. Having risen through the ranks from reservation to Chief Marketing Officer.

Tiffany has worked across the Caribbean, US, UK and Europe for regional and international brands.

She holds a Master Certification in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with a minor in Spanish Culture from Florida Atlantic University, Diplomas in Critical Management, Executive Management, and a Professional Certificate in Management from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, as well as numerous other hospitality and tourism related certifications and programs including Hospitality Marketing 360 and Hospitality Digital Marketing.

Tiffany is married to a luxury hotelier and together with her husband shares four sons.

Determined Pathfinder

Dasean Barnes, Strategy

Dasean is a strategist and marketing executive with a deep passion for growth and analytical insights. He prides himself on finding the deep story a brand needs to tell that speaks directly to its audience. He looks for the connection points that allow departments and teams to work better together to find solutions.

He’s an out-of-the-box thinker who’s worked with agencies and companies to help sell new accounts as well as sustain and grow relationships. Dasean has 15+ years of experience building digital teams and company strategies for clients & teaching their staff best practices across developed platforms. He has developed departments focused on creative, digital & social media to increase brand awareness for large and small companies.

Accomplished Pathmaker

Reggie Miller, Digital Innovation

Reggie Miller is a digital marketing and strategy expert with over 20 years of successful experience at the forefront of creating and implementing groundbreaking digital platforms while also developing strategic partnerships with clients to enhance their existing marketing strategies. He has a proven ability of identifying emerging trends and capitalizing on their growth.

A short time after obtaining a degree in music and film from the Art Institute of Philadelphia, Reggie leveraged his knack for understanding the power of the digital space and joined the Media Ventures team at VIBE magazine. In a short amount of time, he quickly ascended the ranks within the company to become the Director of Operations for VIBE/SPIN.

Reggie eventually left VIBE/SPIN to launch ICED Media in 1999 during a time when digital marketing was still somewhat of a novelty. Under his leadership, the company successfully carved out a unique niche and earned a reputation as one of the most forward-thinking digital agencies. Industry awards and accolades include a Glossy Award for Best Use of Social by a Beauty Brand, a Glossy Award for overall Best In Show; a Webby Award for Retail, and a Shorty Award for Best Use of Snapchat.

Reggie is a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO), the premier leadership organization of chief executives with members in 130 countries, where he previously served as a board member of the YPO Manhattan Chapter

Cultural Jongleur

Alissa Binns: Contributor

Alissa helps brands understand, resonate with and stand out in culture. She is an award-winning cultural curator, whose success is built from 20+ years as the senior strategic counsel to top brands, talent and content creators, across multiple categories and media platforms.

Alissa’s portfolio background includes: Apple, Disney, 20th Century Fox, Google, Nike, Netflix, FedEx, Johnson & Johnson, The Honest Company, Pepsi, and more. Her work has been recognized at the Presidential Summit on Cultural and Heritage Tourism.

She has worked directly with government officials and dignitaries on cultural development projects, including Brazilian Minister of Culture Gilberto Gil; South African President Nelson Mandela; President Francois Mitterand; President Jacques Chirac; as well as the British and Spanish Royal Families.

Her event, marketing and logistics experience includes Broadway Across America as well as direct work for Mick Jagger, The Rolling Stones, and U2. Alissa is an Academy Award Foundation Nicholl Fellow, a BAFTA LA member, and a recent CLIO winner for The Batman Experience.

Alissa has spent a lifetime in media and entertainment with a special focus on Caribbean culture. She is the daughter of the legendary musician, philanthropist, and humanitarian “The Mighty Sparrow,” aka “The King of Calypso,“ Alissa has business experience in more than 40 countries.

The Architect

Sara Foster, Operations

Sara is driven by a people-first business operations ethos. She believes a sound operating model must harness the power of connection and inclusivity, be flexible to continuing change, and rooted in core values.

Years spent focusing on the human side of organizational operations have kept Sara keenly interested in developing inclusively oriented strategic approaches. Joining Maude, Sara has been inspired to take action with the belief that collectively we can (and should) operate in a better, more effective way and in service to work that truly matters.

Sara’s business operations, finance, and commercial leadership experience has been with some of the largest agencies in the world and in support of industry-leading global brands. Sara has embraced people-centric leadership through dramatic business transformations, including rapid revenue growth, large corporate mergers, and unanticipated downsizing.

Sara earned her M.B.A .from the University of Washington. Among her most notable clients are Microsoft, Nokia, Amazon, T-Mobile, and the Gates Foundation.

The Builder

Michael Lopez, Ventures

Improvement and growth are the hallmarks of Michael’s career. Whether in the corporate, entrepreneurial or consulting environments, his focus is on increasing organization value and generating exceptional outcomes. Michael has a long history in aligning and developing the process in unchanged corporations that uncovers new growth opportunities while generating stakeholder alliances.

He earned a B.A. from Stanford University, M.B.A. from Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a close collaborator to the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab.

Michael’s motivations are centered on personal and team impact, entrepreneurship and infinite learning. His work style is on team building, collaboration, inclusive leadership, and coaching/mentorship. Michael’s skills are highlighted in problem solving, data-driven analysis, digital transformation, process reengineering, strategic thinking and execution, Change Management, and Agile/Lean Behavior Design.

People Expert

Karen Wright, Talent

Our team maestro, Karen boasts an epic journey leading diverse squads through the creative wilderness. Armed with relentless curiosity, she dives into client partnerships like a kid in a candy store, determined to infuse joy into every project.

Starting as the logistical virtuoso of event coordination, Karen has evolved into a master collaborator, leaving her mark on the likes of McDonald’s, Sonesta Resorts, and Hilton Hotels. Beyond the surface, Karen is the emotional adhesive binding our teams. Her organizational prowess ensures everyone has the tools to triumph. Conscientious, hardworking, and loyal, she’s our silent powerhouse at the heart of creative chaos. Despite her gentle exterior, Karen is the backstage dynamo, moving and shaking like Maude’s personal earthquake.

Proudly Jamaican turned Floridian, Karen’s roots run deep. Whether supporting local communities or reminiscing about working with Reggae Sumfest, the World’s largest Reggae festival, she brings a wealth of experience and a touch of rhythm to our diverse tapestry.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Communication, Advertising, and Theater Arts from the University of Miami, Karen weaves her magic, ensuring consistency in our work and championing the needs of our diverse creators. She’s not just a team player; she’s the symphony conductor in our creative orchestra.

Conscience Contributor

Simone Nelson, Impact

Simone knows that great stories and humor are the best ways to break down barriers. The impactful experiences she produces connect people to new ideas, communities, and each other.

Originally a performer, she donned a power suit after realizing that producers were involved from conception to final production and distribution of creative projects. Inspired by cultural exchanges from her years abroad, Simone is passionate about work that creates emotional connections, pushes boundaries, changes hearts and minds, and motivates action.

She’s produced everything from plays, immersive experiences, operas, festivals, concerts, conferences, online learning programs, digital media entertainment startups to films including the Sundance award winner “The Last Black Man in San Francisco.” Championing inclusivity, she spearheaded changemaking opportunities for new generations of diverse storytellers as President of Women in Film & Media and Managing Director of The Cal State Entertainment Alliance.

Simone has worked with legendary artists and business leaders, from Sir Richard Branson to Daniel Day-Lewis to the head of Disney Studios and Theatricals. Her experience, along with her degrees from Northwestern University’s Theater program and the Yale Graduate School of Drama, has allowed her to recognize life as a series of tragic comedies where she often plays the fool. Like Shakespeare, however, she believes “better the witty fool than a foolish wit.”

Visionary Mapmaker

Max Nelson, Insights

Max has always believed that Math and Science are the universal norms that help write the best inductively analytical and deductively inferential stories through which we can together build a better world. It’s how he became Maude’s Behavioral Rocket Scientist.

After founding a software and gaming company when he was just 13, Max graduated early in Behavioral Science from the University of Chicago and then went to GWU’s Science and Technology Master’s program. At GWU he helped redesign the U.S. global change satellite program while working for the White House National Space Council. He later co-authored the study that “catalyzed the field of Nanotechnology” during his Doctoral Program at the RAND Corporation.

Max shifted focus again towards marketing insights as he provided the research, analysis, synthesis, and support to help industry-leading brands like P&G, Lucent, Blue Cross, Papa Johns, Nissan, and Party City. Providing the intelligence and insights that launched analytically-based narratives, he helped expand markets for businesses and their audiences.

Optimistic Groundbreaker

Audrey Mitchell, Founder and CEO

Audrey is deeply inspired by the new generation. Her style is a bit wabi sabi, discovering authenticity in imperfection and courage in the unexplored.

In creating Maude, Audrey leaned into her passion for challenging the status quo. Always sensitive to the everyday divides between clients and agencies, she set out to create a company that did things a better way in service to our bigger, collective purpose.

After building a reputation as a fearless agency leader, Audrey was restless to capture the hearts and minds of people that conventional approaches often ignored. She made an unspoken promise to serve the audience that was accustomed to being misunderstood by brands who repeatedly tried (and invariably failed) to box them in. 

Audrey collaborated with brands like Microsoft, Starbucks, Gap Brands, Target, Amazon, and Verizon. She received her B.A. from Stanford University