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You believe people are so much more than the tiny boxes they’ve been put in.


The next generation is
telling us that their
otherness defies definition
(and please stop trying).

Yellow redhead
Girl long hair

Are they a boy, a girl or they? Black or mixed-race? Latin with an x or o?

In a world that’s changed so dramatically, identity is no longer fixed. It’s changing, too.

We call what we do B2i,
business to identity.


Sure, we offer insights, strategy, and creative services. But trust us, it won’t be what you’re expecting.


While traditional approaches focus on demographics that divide us, B2i speaks to our common values that tie our experiences together.

Marketing Services

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Thunder Two
• Audience Insights
• Brand Sentiment
• Cultural Anthropology
• Ethnography
• Voice of Customer
• Creative & Creator Strategy
• Social and Digital
• Experience Design
Innovation Practice
• Behavior Design
• Design Thinking
• Game Design Thinking
• Maude Institute: Executive Learning
Digital & Events
• Application & Website Development
• Environmental Design
• Social & Digital Content
Social Impact
• Conscious Storytelling
• Unconventional Collaborations
Blue Face

We believe humans cannot be defined by demographics.

Pink Face

We believe that who we are is anchored in communities of our choosing.

Green Face

We believe that authenticity must be felt, not just represented.


We’re like an agency, but not at all.


We are diverse change makers from leading global agencies here to forever redefine the relationship between people and brands.

We know all about targeting, segmenting, and customer journeys designed as proxies for knowing. And we think there’s a different way — the Maude Way.   

The Maude Way:
• Challenges the idea that humans can be defined by their consumption and demographics.
• Sees blindspots as treasure troves of growth.
• Defies status quo conventions and stereotypes.

We use marketing to reach new communities in new ways — by seeing differently.

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Maude is Black woman-owned and founded.


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