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We're a Brand Love company that exists to forever redefine the relationship between people and brands.


The next generation is
telling us that their
otherness defies definition
(and please stop trying).

Yellow redhead
Girl long hair

Are they a boy, a girl or they? Black or mixed-race? Latin with an x or o?

In a world that’s changed so dramatically, identity is no longer fixed. It’s changing, too.

We call what we do
Business to identity - B2I.


Sure, we offer insights, strategy, and creative services. But trust us, it won’t be what you’re expecting.


While traditional approaches focus on dissimilarities that divide us, B2i speaks to our common values, norms and experiences that connect us.

Marketing Services

Green circle
Thunder Two
• Audience Insights
• Brand Sentiment
• Cultural Anthropology
• Ethnography
• Voice of Customer
• Creative & Creator Strategy
• Social and Digital
• Experience Design
Innovation Practice
• Behavior Design
• Design Thinking
• Game Design Thinking
• Maude Institute: Executive Learning
• Digital and Content Production
• Application & Website Development
• Emergent Technologies
• Cinematic Collaboration
• Script Development
• Global Production
Blue Face

We believe humans are more alike than different.

Pink Face

We believe identity creates connection in an Era of Disconnection.

Green Face

We believe Brand Love is only obtained through common ground.


We’re like an agency, but not at all.


We’re top performing change makers from leading global marketing firms joined together to form a brand love company that’s redefining connection.

Disconnection is the challenge of our time. That’s why we reimagined the methods and fundamental assumptions that have made Brand Love a scarcity-- because we believe in the power of Brand Love and identity to drive deeper belonging.

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Maude is Black woman-owned and founded.


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